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Vegan Food: Search E-Numbers, Additives, Allergic

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E-Numbers or E-Codes are codes that are standardized by the European Economic Community (EEC) and accepted worldwide. Expresses the content of additives used in food products.

In general, the content of food products is not given in detail. E-numbers (E Codes) are used instead. Additives used in the production of Food Products affect the Vegan status of the product. You can check detailed and accurate information about E-numbers by using this application.

E-numbers (E- Codes) are reference numbers used by the European Union to facilitate the identification of food additives. The Commission of the European Union assigns e-numbers after the additive is cleared by the Scientific Committee on Food (SCF), the body responsible for the safety evaluation of food additives in the European Union.

The E number (E- Codes) are categorized as follows:

• E 100 – E 199 (Colours)
• E 200 – E 299 (Preservatives)
• E 300 – E 399 (Antioxidants, Acidity Regulators)
• E 400 – E 499 (Thickeners, Stabilizers, Emulsifiers)
• E 500 – E 599 (Acidity Regulators, Anti-Caking Agents)
• E 600 – E 699 (Flavour Enhancers)
• E 900 – E 999 (Surface Coating Agents, Gases, Sweeteners)
• E 1000 – E 1999 (Additional Chemicals)

Vegan means not meeting the nutritional needs from animal foods. According to the vegan lifestyle, the use of products produced with animal fats together with meat and milk from animals is not correct. In this philosophy, eating in accordance with environmental ethics is as important as living healthy.

You can reach detailed and accurate information about E-Numbers (E- Code) by using this application. You can also check whether the additives cause allergies or cancer. The final decision is yours.

You will find the following features in the application:
1. Check food additives (E-Nummers/E-Codes) and Vegan Status
2. Application explains their basic properties (harmfulness, suitable for vegetarians, allergic effect)
3. It shows the status of plant origin additives. Its feature of being a vegan product may vary depending on the solvents used.
4. You can use the application in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, French and Portuguese.
5. You can search within the application. The search includes the content and names of additives.


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