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venovani is the digital place to share the most beautiful memories of all the places on this earth with all the people you like.

You can use your own photo or an existing photo from venovani to create your own private group to which you invite your loved ones, friends and acquaintances.

And this is how venovani works in detail:

1. Either you choose an already existing sight via the world map or you create a new sight (see below) - at the place where you had beautiful memories.

2. Then all you have to do is create your own group. This group will then include your loved ones with whom you would like to share your memories.

3. Now you describe the occasion of the remembrance. Then everyone knows what it is all about.

4. Now you invite your loved ones into the group - of course privately. You simply send them an automatically generated link via the social media.

5. And now you can indulge in old memories together and tell each other what made this moment so great.

And so you create a new sight:

1. with a new sight you give it a name. Remember, everyone can see it on the map.

2. Then select a photo from your smartphone or simply take a new photo. Remember that everyone can see the photo on the map.

3. Now assign the sight to a place on this earth.

4. Ready! Now everyone on venovani can deposit their personal memories and share them with their loved ones.



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