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This app also provides bank details that are attached to provide end-userFASTag. Fastag is currently available in some of banks.

For NHAI Toll plazas, Fastag is required in India from 1 Dec 2019. Now you've got to process NHAI to pay tall cashlessly. Because this fastag is one type of radio frequency index tag, or you might say reloadable tag of the vehicle.which is stick in your vehicle and when you pass out from the toll plaza at that time it is detected by RFID Reader and your toll amount is deducted from your linked bank account.

FASTag is an ideal solution for a trouble-free journey on national highways. FASTag is currently operating across national and state highways at 180 toll plazas. In the future, there will be more toll places under the FASTag program. download this "Guide For Fastag Pay: Guideline Of Electronic Toll" and know all detail regarding FASTag and share with friends.

Highway Saathi is an android application that essentially renders the highway travel safe, convenient and hassle-free for commuters. Amongst various features, it offers users the facility to recharge their toll tags online without manual intervention.

✦What are the additional benefits?

1. Ease of payment – No cash transactions need to be performed, saves time
2. Allow vehicle movement near-non-stop leading to lower fuel expenses.
3. Online Recharge on App – Fastag can be recharged online through Wallet/ Credit Card / Debit Card/NEFT/ RTGS or Net banking
4. In-App toll transaction statements are available.
5. 24/7 Operational Support on Tolls.
6. Customer support on Payment related assistance on working days.
7. SMS alerts for toll transactions, low balance, etc.
8. Mobile application for customers

Which documents are required for the FASTag account? The users need to submit following documents for issue of FASTag:

✜ Registration certificate of the vehicle.
✜ Passport size photo of the vehicle owner.
✜ KYC documents of the vehicle owner such as Identity proof, address proof, etc.

✦Guide For fast app key features:
1) Easy User-Friendly Interface
2) Fast activation detail
3) Fastag getting detail
4) All Details are available in Hindi
5) share the detail with friends, family, and loving ones

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