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Videoleap : Video Editor

发行商: PicsLabs-Editors Inc.
价格: 免费


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Videoleap for android phone is a free, easy and stunning video editing application. edit clips, add text and innovative effects, enlight videos, add Emojis, and make videos alter with motion. Start making mind blowing motion pictures, videos, vlog and slideshow today.

Discover how fun and straightforward it is to make first rate videos with Videoleap advanced tools

Whether or not you have to make tasteful, Hollywood-level films or basically share memories and entertaining minutes with allies, Videoleap is a headway video editor chief just for you.

Film making experts can misuse amazing first in class editing features. Students and agreeable customers will have some great occasions cutting and joining clips using our video editor, normally and in a rush. Modify films or make videos and vlog for Instagram with master quality video editing mechanical assemblies. Incorporate video effects, sounds effects, stations, green screen and more to make great motion pictures.

Download Videoleap editor for android mobile now and start making staggering videos today, it's free!

Film Editing Instruments:
- pro video maker, vlog maker, slideshow maker and pro film and video editor.

- pro videos tools and easy to use: Movie Editing Tools and video mix, selected professional filters, Trimming Tool, Cropping Tool, Adjustment (Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation, Clarify, Shadows, Exposure...), overlay, frames, text style, blur, pro cinematique, stickers, filters, video in light.

- video maker for social media and videos networks: cut, split, leap, transform, customize layers montage, glitch.

- Layer-based editing for your films.

- create keyframe and manipulate frames easely

- Keyframe activities.

-add transitions between keyframes, use libraries effects to add video effects, motion effect, old movies effects, glitch effects photofox effects.

-use chroma green screen tool to drop in whatever background images you want behind.

- Green screen/chroma key compositing.

- Fit video clips to arrange leap videos and place clips on clear or concealed canvas.

- export High Quality video for your instagram, tiktok, facebook or other social media: HD video, 4K videos

Download Videoleap editor now and give your creativity chance to show up and light up social media.


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