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Virus Hunter 2021: Virus Scanner & Phone Cleaner

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🛡️ Get Virus Hunter 2021 for Android™ to help protect you from harmful viruses and malware! This phone cleaner includes essential security and optimization tools like proactive app permission scanner, junk cleaner, speed booster, CPU cooler and RAM booster. Use our battery saver tools and adjustable battery usage profiles and security to extend your battery life.

If you ever worry about your phone’s safety and want your files to stay secure and protected, you should download this virus killer. Increase your mobile security and protect your data with the best virus removal app!

Virus detectors can help you in many aspects! By cleaning out unnecessary junk from your phone with this virus scanner you get to free up space and do not need to struggle with storage limitations anymore. Imagine not having to decide which of your favorite videos, photos, or apps to delete to clean up some space! Junk cleaner doesn’t only free up space, it also acts as a speed booster which boosts the performance and operational speed of your device and security.

Features of our phone cleaner & virus removal app:
✔️ Antivirus and malware scan - Scan apps, games, settings and files in real-time for better mobile security
✔️ Check permissions - Get insight into the permission level of installed apps
✔️ Speed booster - Boost speed by killing tasks that slow down your device
✔️ Junk cleaner - Clean unnecessary files to free up space
✔️ CPU cooler - Cooldown CPU by optimizing running processes
✔️ Battery saver - Extend battery life with our battery saver tools such as Power Saving and Extreme modes
✔️ Free up space - Examine installed apps by their storage usage and uninstall unnecessary apps
✔️ RAM booster - Check CPU and RAM usage in real-time.

This automatic virus scanner affects everything in your phone in the best way possible. Did you know it can help you get the most out of your phone’s battery? Yes, that’s right. Not only does it take care of malware scan and virus removal, but also offers you 3 power profiles to choose from to extend battery life and security.

Virus Hunter 2021 detects viruses and improves performance of your device by terminating background tasks that make your phone slower. But that is not all this antivirus killer can do. It also allows you to see the stats related to your phone’s CPU and RAM usage and stabilize the CPU by optimizing running background processes.

Why is it important to monitor and clean out viruses on your phone? Malware can reduce your device’s performance by using your CPU and RAM. Malware and virus removal on Android also ensures that your data stays protected and doesn’t get into someone else’s hands. If you have noticed that your device has been performing poorly or acting strangely in general, perhaps it is time to find and remove the virus that has been hiding in your phone!

This is refined and tuned app with over 50,000,000 installs since 2020.

This app uses Accessibility permission to protect visually impaired and other users against phishing attacks and malicious websites.
Google® and Android™ are trademarks of Google, Inc., registered in the USA and in other countries.

There is really no reason not to download and install this awesome virus killer and battery life extender. By using this app, you protect your data, CPU and RAM, boost your phone’s performance, extend your battery life and more with just one tap.

➡️➡️➡️ Download Virus Hunter for FREE - The best antivirus and malware removal software and phone cleaner! Free up space on your phone, protect your data, and rise your mobile security on the highest level!


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