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This event application created by Visent Coders team is a great convenience for the attendee and is also very useful for the organizer. In short words: it's improving event management.

Our tool consists of the iOS and Android apps, with the individual branding since the very basic versions and the CMS where the organizer can manage the content of the app even during the event and send the PUSH notifications.

What are the profits for the organizer?
- Additional selling and marketing possibilities 
- Makes attendees happier and more comfortable (all-in-one tool)

Selected features:
- Agenda - create your own agenda by clicking the heart and explore the lectures, discussion panels, and thematic paths
- Speakers - know the speakers bio and photos
- Push notifications - be always up-to-date and don't miss anything important
- Networking - add your photo and bio and met other people, invite them and talk in private channel or discuss with others in the public chat.
- Maps and plans - don't get lost in big exhibition halls or the labyrinth of corridors in the venue
- Contact and how-to-get - don't waste your time for web-searching the contact info and the guide how to get to the venue
- Partners - check who cooperate with the event organizer
- Polls - share your valuable opinion with the organizer
- Live voting - be active during the lectures or discussion panels and vote in live surveys.

Check what the event organizer has prepared for you!

Do you want to talk or just get more info? Visit us:



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