Solar Walk - 太阳系模拟,行星,卫星,星星,彗星等天体3D。宇宙探索。

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Solar Walk: Explore the Universe in Planetarium 3D is an amazing 3D model of our Solar system bringing the universe to the palm of your hand and allowing you to explore planets, satellites, moons, comets, 3D models of spacecraft and other space objects anytime and anywhere and learn a lot about space exploration.

Observe Solar system with planetarium app 3D on your device!

Start your fascinating journey through the realms of space and explore the universe we live in. Learn astronomy facts with an interactive encyclopedia of the Solar system Solar Walk!

*** Over 6 million users!***
*** National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) - GOLD winner in the Educational Tools for Parents and Children category! ***
*** A Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner ***

Amazing interactive encyclopedia of the Solar system! Find out astronomy facts, explore planets and moons in real time, watch educational movies, turn up and down the 3D models of spacecraft, become a real universe explorer with this planetarium app 3D. Space exploration in your device!

With this planet viewer you will be able to:

► Turn into an astronomer and explore satellites, asteroids, dwarfs, comets, stars, 3D models of spacecraft, etc. Choose any celestial body and read detailed information and astronomy facts about it. Enjoy gorgeous graphics and visuals while navigating through the Solar system 3D!

► Travel in time and see what the universe like at a certain period. Solar Walk is an excellent planet viewer for all space lovers!

► Find an exciting view of the Milky Way Galaxy and other fascinating things in the encyclopedia of the Solar system 3D. Solar Walk is your telescope to see planets in real time and any other celestial body without visiting the planetarium.

► Watch a collection of educational movies and learn interesting astronomy facts about space-related topics including Earth's moon phases, Earth's cycles, tidal phenomena, and zodiacal constellations.*

► Enjoy planetarium 3D in real time with the help of special glasses and activating the anaglyph mode. Space exploration is entertaining!

► Make virtual flights from one space object or celestial body to another with this orrery 3D.

► Share interesting screenshots of this app with your friends.

► Choose the view mode to explore the interactive encyclopedia of the Solar system 3D comfortable for you (orrery/true-to-scale).

Try all features of this great orrery 3D & planet viewer!

*Available through In-App Purchases.

Solar Walk is a great educational tool, orrery 3D, appropriate for both adults and children. The amount of information and astronomy facts users can learn about planets and moons, satellites and any other celestial body in this planetarium 3D is impressive. Information is detailed, animated videos and wonderful 3D models of spacecraft make learning even more engaging!

Our entire universe can be explored through this excellent space simulator!



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