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Tello FPV - Control the Ryze Tello drone FPV + RTH

发行商: Volate!lo
价格: 5.49 USD 支持应用内购买


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Tello FPV is an alternative app to control the Ryze Tello camera drone quadcopter offering many additional features, more control, better video livestream and better video footage.

Please try the free demo version to test compatibility with your phone / controller / Tello. If the Demo version doesn't work for you the full version also won't work!

* FPV Trainer mode: Teach kids FPV without risking your drone (at least one controller required)
* Support for simple VR goggles FPV with adjustable views
* Return to home autopilot
* Circle / orbit autopilot for large scale orbits
* Lock heading autopilot for cool video footage
* Long distance dronie
* Pano 360 shots photos for a 360° panorama (external stitching required)
* Automatic photo rotation to correct tilted horizon
* Enhanced telemetry (distance, altitude, pitch & roll indicators)
* Home indicator showing you the way back
* Flight log
* Advanced video options
* Three flight profiles: Sport mode for fast runs - video mode for smooth video recording - cine mode for slow accelerations and smooth moves
* Wired and wireless gamepad controllers (PS3, Steelseries, Tarranis, etc)
* Gamesir T1d and Parrot Flypad
* Flexible stick & button mapping
* Fine tuning each axis (expo, rate, deadzone, rate boost, rate limit)
* Translations for ES, DE, IT, FR, PT (manual is english only!)

A complete PDF manual (english only!) is included in the App, requires a PDF viewer installed.

There is one In-App purchase available:
vGPS fuses the onboard VPS with the phone's GPS. This allows the app to show the approximate flight track in google earth, and the approximate last known position in google maps.
vGPS is only useful for frequent outdoor flyers. Free test period can be unlocked within the app.

If you have trouble:

Please note that this app uses Google Play Licensing. It will not work on devices without play store, or on devices with a modified / cracked play store. Some hacking / patching / ad-blocker Apps permanently damage the play store and TelloFpv will not work even if you delete the conflicting app.

Required privileges
* Storage - saving photos and videos
* Location - scanning for bluetooth controllers, tagging photos with location, vGPS
* Record Audio - to add audio to the video by recording the phone mic
* Camera - vGPS module only

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1467 条评价

Perfect tello apps for my tello drone luv it....😀😀😀👍👍👍


Must have app for tello users, so much more features than official app


Thank you very much for this app. I bought my daughter a Tello a week ago for her birthday and the controller didn't work with the original app. But she had tremendous fun flying it on her phone. When I came across your app I installed it on my phone and loan and behold the controller works like a charm. I am also very impressed with the work and effort you have put in to give us those few extra functions.; Thank you. I did buy 2 copies of you app, and happy to do so. Tank you again.


Great app easy to use


Absolutely fantastic. Completely destroys the stock app lol. Get this one!


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