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Voter ID Card App to Get Done Voter id Apply Online in Just 1 Hour with Best Consultancy and Support Service. Now simply Apply New Voter id Card Application or Correction in your Voter id Card.

Features of Voter id Card App -

- New or Correction in Voter id Card Apply Online
- Voter id Card Track Status
- Search Voter id Card by Name or Area or DOB
- Voter id Card List 2020
- Download Voter id Card in your Mobile
- Voter ID Card Process

What is Voter ID Card Apply Online App
Voter ID Card Apply App to Create a Simple Application Form to collect only necessary information & help to users to get done their new Voter id Card or Correction through Govt Portal and Generate Reference No.

What is Voter ID Card
A Voter ID Card, also known as the Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is a photo identity card that is issued by the Election Commission of India to all individuals who are eligible to vote.

Online Voter ID Card Apply is Possible
Yes with the election commission official website or Voter Official App It's possible but if you are not user friendly with Govt Application and don't have knowledge about the Process or Ward or Area or Constituency etc then use this app for the same.

Online Voter ID Card Apply Process
New Voter ID Card or Correction can be apply in easily 2 steps -
Step 1 - You have to fill-up the Voter ID Card application with the basic details within the App
Step 2 - You have to pay the appropriate fee via any bank debit card/credit card/upi/net banking. (This Fee is Collected as Consultancy and Support Service Fee)
Step 3 - Upload the Documents within App and Submit the Final Application.Once you have submitted your Application within 48 hour you will be provided Application ref ID on your Email with Tracking Link.

How to Track Voter id Card Status ?
Once you get the Reference No from this App on your Email or SMS, then you can easily put the reference No on Voter id Card Tracking status within App Tab and Track your Status.

What is the Official Process for Voter id Card ?
a) Once you get the Reference No. by Application. Govt System Appointment BLO
b) BLO Proceed the Application and contact the applicant for field verification
c) BLO Approved or Rejected the Voter id Card and Dispatch by Election commission of India by Post.

How to Download a Voter id Card ?
If your Voter id Card has been approved by BLO, then it will be a simple dispatch by speed Post or else you can download your Voter id Card by input your EPIC Number within the App.

How to Get done Verification of Voter id Card Online in 2020 ?
If you have EPIC Number of your Voter id Card then simply put your Voter id Card EPIC within the App and simply verify your Voter id Card all the details like Name, Booth Number, Ward or BLO Officer name etc.

Documents Required For Voter ID Card:
While applying for a Voters ID ,you have to submit Identity Proof, Address Proof and Photograph. And if your age is more than 21, then you have to submit Age Declaration Form which is provided by this app at a later stage to sign.

How Many Days taken for New Voter ID Card Apply
Generally Voter id Card process can take anywhere from 15 days to 45-60 Days

What is Voter id Card List 2020 ?
Election Commission of India each year updated the Voter id Card List state wise so if you want to search your enrollment then you can simply use the Voter id List 2020 and find your Name and Ward Number or Voter id Booth Location etc.

Who are Eligible for the Indian voter ID Card
Applicants must not be below 18 years of age.
However, applicants who belong to any specified special category and who are financially bankrupt, (even if they are above 18 years of age) are not eligible to apply for a Voter Id card.

Disclaimer : This App is not associates in any manner with Election Commission of India. It’s Charges Nominal Consultancy Fee for New Voter id Card or Voter id Card Correction.



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