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Shadow Division - animated watch face

发行商: Enkei Design
价格: 1.89 USD


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Inspired by a high-tech futuristic interface, Shadow Division offers an informative layout with everything you’ll need!

PLEASE NOTE - This app is made only for Wear OS devices.
Please select your watch device from the "INSTALL" drop-down menu.

Your phone isn't compatible with this app, it shows as an option simply to make the app easier to find in the Play Store and install on your Wear OS device. Thank you for your understanding!

Enjoy customization with different Layout styles that hide or show specific elements, and different Index styles, and create your perfect combination!

For full functionality of all indicators please enable Sensors permissions after installation, thank you!

Shadow Division features:
- Digital clock (12 or 24 hour)
- TAP Hours to open Alarm
- TAP Minutes to open Messages*
- Moon phase type
- Battery % indicator
- TAP to open Battery options
- "charged" - 90%
- "optimal" - 90-50%
- "functional" - 50-20%
- "recharge" - less than 20%
- Date, Month & Weekday (multi-language)
- TAP to open Calendar
- Daily Steps walked
- TAP to open Steps app
- BPM *
- TAP to measure Heart rate
- Daily Steps goal % (10,000 steps)
- "mission" - goal not completed
- "completed" - goal completed
- 4 Custom App shortcuts
("+" icons)
- TAP each to select an app for a shortcut
- for more options please access "Customize" menu
- Customizable elements & App shortcuts
- long-press to access "Customize" menu:
- Change 4 Layout looks
- Change 5 Index styles
- Select apps for 4 Custom App shortcuts

* - Some indicators and app shortcuts functionality may depend on the Wear OS device you're using.

Please see the provided visuals for more detailed info on all available features and app shortcuts!

This watch face is compatible with most Wear OS devices, but keep in mind that it will run best and smoothest on newer devices with latest Wear OS software versions.

Test results of this particular watch face have consistently provided 2 full days of battery life on Galaxy Watch 4 (46mm) with "Always-on display" turned on.

Due to software limitations, Heart rate measurement is independent from other health & fitness applications, and is set to automatically measure once an hour.
Manual measurement and refresh is also possible - TAP the indicator to measure your heart rate.

This watch face features complex but highly optimized animation which shouldn't have a major negative impact on your battery life - this has been thoroughly tested.

We're available through e-mail for any questions, suggestions, complaints or general feedback - we're here for you!

Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we take every comment, suggestion and complaint very seriously, making sure to respond to each e-mail inquiry within 24 hours.

We also understand there can always be some room for improvement, so if you have any suggestions, questions or any issues at all, we urge you to contact us through the provided e-mail where we can hear you out, and do our best to help any way we can.

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This watch face is also available for Tizen smartwatches on Samsung Galaxy Store:

Thank you for using our watch faces, have a great day!


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