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What is Happy Credit?

Happy Credit is a newly invented Fintech platforms in the Philippine to provide sponsorship
services to Filipino customers. Our services are based on mobile security technology and big data innovation.

Loan information:

Daily Interest: 0%
Age: citizens over the age of 18
Loan Term: Up to 91 days
Fee: Up to 44%
Amount:Up to 10000 Peso
Example: The principal amount is PHP 5,000, fee for 44% and the interest rate is 0%, you will get PHP5,000-PHP5000*44%=PHP2800. Then the full amount will be paid at the expiration date: 5,000 * 0% +5,000= PHP5,000.

Easy to Apply: A few steps to fill out the application online no need to go out to signed contract paperless
Maximum Loan Amount: ₱10,000 is the maximum loan amount that Happy Credit can offer for who are good customer
Low Interest Rate: For those who have a good record on Happy Credit will get the lowest interest rate.
Faster to Re-loan: Once the customer repays their loan, you will be eligible to re-loan
Quick Help: Customer Service Representative will help you for all the concerns on your loan immediately
Safe and Secure: Happy Credit will protect all the customer information and keep it confidential

Who can apply for Happy Credit?
A Filipino citizen who is least 18 years old and up
A person who has at least government ID
A person who is currently employed and have stable source of income.

How to apply?
Find Happy Credit on Google play Store download and install for free
Register with your mobile number, easy way and fastest application to apply
Provide your identity information and uploading ID and required document, no paperwork needed!
Choose your desire loan amount and preferred payment term
By applying your loan on Happy Credit system, immediately you will receive a SMS to confirmed your loan application
Expect call from one of the agents to verify your loan information
For granted application you will receive SMS within 24 hours and claim in nearest merchant partner
Approval process within 1 to 3 working days
Easy to see the loan status by login on system
Term of borrowed money will start when you received approval notice.

When you get money after approved?
From 8-30 – 6:00pm, you can get your money after 30mins.
But if you will be approved after 6:00pm your money will be uploaded on the following day

How to received cash loan?
Claim your cash loan personally on the store you’ve chosen merchant partner M-Lhuillier, Palawan express or received on Gcash or CoinPh.
We strive to get more merchant partners so that there will be tons of outlets available.

How to Repay loan?
User will be notified the deadline by SMS or Telephone calls to repay their personal loans or repay via online options:
7-Eleven: Go to nearest 7-Eleven and repay via CLIQQ machine
M-Lhuillier: Go to nearest M-Lhuillier fill out needed information on bills payment form
ECPAY: Go to ECPAY, fill out needed information on bills payment form
GCash: Open your Gcash app, click pay bills to access loans option

After Repay Loan:
Happy Credit will automatically be received proof of payment and it will automatically clear the record system and treat you as paid.
Once you paid it back you will eligible to re-apply again for your next loan
Happy Credit allows early repayment

The Quality of Happy Credit
Online experience
Safe and Confidential
Increase Loan limit
Service with high quality

System will ask your permission to access the GPS/ Contacts / Camera for scanning required documents.

Start discovering new offer in our system, in the feature were going to build more offers you can try and enjoy the service for those have good record.
Build your credit limit from 3,000 up to 10,000 by paying back on time!

Don't hesitate to ask questions!

Contact us

happycreditcustomercare@gmail.com or 09560417877

Vision: Make everyone have credit

Nagas Philippines Capital Inc,
Address: 7/Floor Rockwell building hidalgo drive Rockwell center



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