Two Heroes & Monsters (two-player game)

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Two Heroes & Monsters - a beautiful cartoony 2D shooter for two players. If you are looking for games with a friend for two players to play them on the one device, then this game is what you need.
Here you play as one of the crew members of the spaceship. Your mission is to clear the location from various monsters, which in each wave become stronger and stronger.


• Game for two players on one device (Hotseat)
• Upgrade the hero and his abilities
• Construct barricades
• Many varieties of monsters
• Various weapons from a pistol to a minigun
• Convenient control
• Nice graphics and sound

Help for local multiplayer :

If you want to play with your friend, then click on the "Two Players" button in the main menu, then you will need to select map and click on the "Play" button.

More about the game:

The goal in the game is to survive as many waves of monsters as possible, for this you can choose any of the heroes. Each hero has his own abilities and weapons that can be upgraded, this will help to be alive longer.
The waves go on increasing difficulty, minimizing the chances of winning, but nevertheless, having upgraded up the abilities of the heroes, players can go through all the waves, since their number is not infinite.

It is much easier to play Two Heroes & Monsters with friend, as in the game often monsters will attack from two sides and it is always nice when your friend covers your back. It is even more convenient when your friend builds barricades, and you defend him by firing off monsters.

If you have questions or difficulties about the game, then write to, we are always happy to help!



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