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NFC write and read tags is an NFC app which will help you to make your life easier.

want to make NFC tag with templates of email, SMS or URL search ?
with this app you can even do more then that !!!

you just take tag, which can be a paper, sticker, ring or anything else that contains NFC tag, and can set any task on it.

go to Write tag option in the menu, and start to add records to your NFC tag, after you finish, just click on the Write button , put your NFC tag close to your smartphone, and WOW, now you have a new tag that contain tasks!!

NFC write and read tags is an app which can read all tag types including text, url, VCARD, Bluetooth, WIFI, SMS , email and much more.
after reading the tag you will have actions on each record, which you can execute.

NFC write and read tags has an advanced options for people that knows what they are doing such as tag copy, copy tag to infinity and erase tag.

our improved UI & UX will allow you to navigate easily in our app.

we support in more then 5 languages at the moment except English, such as Hebrew, Arabic, French and much more.

in any issue you have, please contact our support and we will be more then happy to help you.

so who you are waiting for ?? Download and start using the best NFC app that exist.



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