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Have your account under control with My Vodafone App. Simply log in using your phone number and password or fingerprint authentication to get a quick overview of your unit usage (data, minutes etc.) or your Bill. Our app, which was declared the app of the year in 2014 and 2016, is completely free and does not use any data from your bundle, whether you are at home or abroad. And it offers much more.

Apart from various overviews you can put on your home screen as widgets, you can also use the app to choose services (such as roaming and data management), pay Bills (using your card or Masterpass) and top up your credit (with your card or a coupon). This is all very easy to do with all your phone numbers.

You will enjoy gifts, cool contests and discounts in the “Special Offers” section, so don’t forget to check it regularly.

And what else is there for you? Things like roaming fees calculator, the possibility to buy new SIM cards and devices, information about your contract and tariff, a great network speed test, important notifications from Vodafone, coverage map, and the list of our stores. The app is truly packed, so go ahead and explore it thoroughly.

My Vodafone is not intended for OneNet customers. If you are an OneNet customer, have a look at our OneNet application at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zentity.vodafone.onenet

What permissions does the application need?
Storage (editing/deletion of content saved on SD card) – storage of application data in the phone or on a memory card
Your location – determining your location in order to find the closest Vodafone Store
Network communication (internet access) – loading of up-to-date data from the Vodafone systems
Network communication (displaying network status) – allows to update the widget
Network communication (displaying Wi-Fi status) – improving the NetPerform functions
Your accounts (Google services configuration) – access to Google web services (e.g. Maps)
System tools (automatic launch) – improving the NetPerform functions
System tools (loading running applications, preventing the phone from going into sleep mode) – improving the NetPerform functions
Personal information (read sensitive protocol data) – improving the NetPerform functions
Phone calls (read the status and ID of the phone) – improving the NetPerform functions
Camera – the option to scan the SIM number with your camera when activating LTE SIM cards or setting up a profile picture for your phone number



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