Escape School Ending:Final Stick Escape Game

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Finally, I manage to port the last part of escape school game to mobile. Thanks for the wonderful players and jon bro for making this great game.

Stick Escape is fun point and click stickman puzzle game, it's not just a complex game with riddles, but also a fair adventure game for escapists. There are many cool animations and a beautiful story line. In this game Stick Escape your gold is help Phil and his friend escape the sewers to find Diz so they can get way home form Area 5.1.

Henry and fire head was trapped in the prison by Diz. help them solved the complex puzzles and break the prison. The boys appear in a sewer trying to find their way out by solving puzzles, looking for items, and avoiding Area 5.1's Leader Shaw.Will they save Diz and get their way back home? After they convince Quiz, Div caught up their airship, what will Quiz do?

This year you moved in another city together with your parents. This meant a new school, new friends. But your parents brought you to a special school which you like very much. there are many riddles and puzzles in this school, as everyday you get to solve all kind of interesting riddles. So one day when you got trapped in the school, you didn't mind. You knew that the only way to escape from school is by solving riddles. In this escape game you have to explore around, find all the riddles and solve them using your intelligence. Best of luck!

- Final part of this stickman escape game.

- Up to 30+ puzzle and riddles, with full hints

- unfair adventure with sad ending

- A stickman click and point game

- Can you escape from the school? Have a try now.



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