Brain Words

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Play and win monthly - Brain Words
Are you a fan of word games and puzzle challenges? Try the most addictive free brain game on the Play Store and get hooked! Find and swipe your way through hundreds of word puzzles, spread across different difficulty levels and find out if you are a Word Genius and Master Puzzle Solver! Meant for casual brain exercise, join millions of puzzle solvers and trek your way to word glory!

Flexible questions: Text, Image or Text+Images.
Leaderboard (Player name, rank, image, score) which shows the result in real-time.
shows a new winners monthly.
Show user progress and score average for each category.
Support using multiple words as an answer.
Sound effects and Animations.
Enable/Disable sounds easily.
Ask Friends: Share screenshot of the puzzle on social media apps.
Show Answer: After watching rewarded ad.
Skip feature, Erasing any letter from the answer by clicking on it..
Multi popup dialog: (Correct, Wrong, Rest time to show rewarded ad, Reveal the first letter, finishing the level(passed / failed)).
User profile:(Displaying the user name, email, image, score) with the ability to change the user name and image.
Responsive design, support Phones and Tablets and all screen sizes and orientations.
Signing by Google with a skip button.
Showing a login button at the end of the level for unregistered users.
Showing a green icon on the completed levels.
Ability to reset any level.
Ability to add any language alphabet to the answer choices.
Integrating In-app purchase to remove ads.
Navigation Drawer list include:(Levels, Sound Effects, Remove Ads, Share, Rate, Contact us, Privacy Policy, Reset Ads).
Ability to define a pass score average to unlock the next level.
Skip Question: After watching rewarded ad.
Consuming 1 score if answer is wrong.
Rest Time: Showing rewarded ad every certain number of puzzles with progress percent, that number can be changed flexibly.



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