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Dating and Communication - New Dating

发行商: VoxelStudio
价格: 免费


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Tired of looking for a soul mate or just a friend to communicate? You know what your ideal looks like, but you haven't met it yet? Stop living in dreams!

DOWNLOAD our application and find someone you really need and may like!

Often we cannot admit to ourselves what kind of appearance and temperament we need a person. We cannot formulate for ourselves the type of person with whom we want to make acquaintances! After all, in life everything is not at all the same as in magazines, books, movies and the Internet, on glossy covers. The most important thing is not to deceive yourself and trust your feelings when you meet!

Our application is created for those who are tired of looking for new acquaintances after unsuccessful ones and wasting time on unnecessary and unpromising correspondence in chats. The idea is very simple: you upload your photo - the application selects suitable candidates for you - you select the most attractive candidate - you start a relaxed conversation! Isn't it simple!

The main feature of the application is that candidates are selected based on the physiological characteristics of your face, facial expressions and visual age. And this is the best that can be! Remember what happy and durable couples look like - they visually complement and decorate each other!

No complicated and lengthy questionnaires! No need to waste time on this! Dating is easier and more enjoyable than you think. Our face says a lot about our temperament, preferences and destiny. Just choose the best angle, smile and now you are ready for a new acquaintance!

It will be important for us if the application helps you in your future acquaintances. We tried and tried to make a step towards you to meet for friendship, we hope that you will take a step towards us!


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41 条评价

Главный плюс - нету назойливой рекламы. Лучшее приложение для знакомств в онлайне. По сравнению с остальными приложениями интерфейс удобнее и более простое. В приложении есть функция, которая позволяет найти женщин, которые находятся рядом. Их тут множество: многие из них готовы к свободному флирту)). Спасибо!


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