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ČSOB Smartbanking

发行商: Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, a.s.
价格: 免费


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Why is it great to have ČSOB Smartbanking
1. You can log in instantly and still securely – Use your PIN, fingerprint or face recognition feature.
2. You have an overview of your accounts – Your mobile shows you balances and transaction histories for your current and savings accounts, you can check your credit card, your loan as well as investments and supplementary pension insurance.
3. Pay your bills and invoices while commuting – One-time payments, repeated payments or credit card repayments take just a few clicks.
4. Find the nearest ATM or branch – The map can lead you directly to the place you need.
5. Arrange travel insurance – Insurance for you and your family is just a few clicks away, even if it comes to your mind at the very last moment, e.g. at the airport.

Other situations where Smartbanking can help
While shopping, you discover that your card limit has been fully used up
There is no need to go to a bank or to call any number. Just use your mobile to change the card limits yourself.
You do not feel like retyping data from invoices or bills
The app can use the camera to read all important information from the QR code and you just confirm the payment.

You would like to get a loan or to increase the amount of authorised overdraft
You can instantly see how much you can borrow and everything can be arranged online.

Our Smartbanking has many other capabilities – just download it and try it for yourself!
The app’s activation is easy – Log in to the Internet banking and everything will be finished within a minute.
Try our Smartbanking – After the app is downloaded, click the DEMO button on the login screen and have a detailed look at the app from inside.


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5736 条评价

Dobrý deň, aplikácia funguje fajn, ale veľmi mi chýbajú push notifikácie o uskutočnených platbách - je to možno posledná banka na SK, ktorá ich nemá a pre mňa je to kľúčová funkcia. Na funkciách SLSP a Tatry som tiež ocenil, že automaticky zatrieďovali platby do kategórií (palivo, potraviny, zábava...), čo zlepšovalo prehľad o výdavkoch, tu to zatiaľ chýba.


After update 26.05.2020 again nothing happen. Useless, no stars would be correct. Does not work with a EURO account! Useless I may see my account but options for sending money are not there. As i wrote before, its useless. For the last 4 years nothing was changed.


Z pohledu běžného používání bez problémů. Jen nechápu proč je třeba inzerovat v aplikaci půjčky a jiné výhody. Pokud budu mít zájem, tak si toto mohu dohledat v nějaké oddělené sekci "výhody" apod.


Does not work anymore. Upon login it just says "unknown error".


Nejde delat screenshoty, pokud neni v mobilu root, ackoliv na PC to neni problem.


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