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Last Shelter : Commander Assist

发行商: Little tiny Apps
价格: 2.49 USD


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This App will help you to stay informed and organized in the game. New Feautures are continiously under development

Current Feature Overview:

Hourly Challenges:
- See which challenges comes next
- Apply filters to see only challenges you are interested in
- See the Clash of Zones Progress and set your special events for Sunday or warm up weekends
- Get up to 4 notifications for each of your selected challenges
(you can confirm or swipe a notification to suppress other notifications on the same event)
1. On preparation time
2. After challenge is started
3. On challenge half time
4. 10 min before challenge end
- Select your notification hours, when you want to get a notification
- and more.

Hero and APC Configurator
Check how strong your Heros are and where to put them in your APC.

Game time Alarms:
- Set daily game time alarms and see instantly, the remaining time till your alarm will ring

Commander Notebook: Save some notes about the game for a quick access

LSS Quick Start: Start LSS directly from notification or from the app.

Many more functionality will come in the near future. So, stay tuned.
Support me if you like the App and want to see more.

Important Note:

Some devices like Huawei restrict notifications in silence mode or while device is sleeping. In this case you need to add the app to the white list of the device power management.
In case of Huawei you can do it this way:
1. Go to App settings (""App info"") under Android device settings
2. Go to ""Power usage details""
3. Klick on ""App launch"" to not restrict background activities
4. Turn off ""Manage automatically: Restrict unnecessary launches to save power"" to let the app send notifications in background.


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