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G DATA Mobile Security

发行商: G Data CyberDefense AG
价格: 11.99 USD 支持应用内购买


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G DATA Mobile Security for Android protects your mobile device – smartphone or tablet – against all hazards in the course of daily use and surfing – phishing, viruses, Trojans, spyware, stalkerware, and more. The fully revised design is easier to use and makes the best antivirus for Android even better. G DATA Mobile Security for Android also protects your device memory and analyzes each installed app in the background for malware and critical rights – with no negative impact on the battery life and performance of the mobile device.

With G DATA Mobile Security for Android, you can locate and lock your smartphone or tablet in case of loss or theft and erase all stored data on your device through your personal G DATA ActionCenter.

The high level of protection with complete detection is reviewed and confirmed by independent test institutes on an ongoing basis. G DATA Mobile Security has consistently scored full points with AV-TEST since July of 2019.

Overview of the key features offered by G DATA Mobile Security for Android:

Complete malware scanner with advanced scan
Protect your smartphone or tablet against malicious software of all kinds, such as viruses, Trojans, spyware, or stalkerware. Directly during the installation of a new app or for existing software, two scan engines ensure that all malware is detected, with no exceptions. Thanks to a cloud connection, your protection against viruses is always kept up to date.
Anti-theft protection
Your mobile device was lost or stolen? Thanks to anti-theft protection, you have numerous options for finding your smartphone or tablet remotely and protecting your data against unauthorized access. Use our G DATA ActionCenter to locate your device, reset it to the factory settings, lock it for further use, or trigger an alarm. If someone inserts another SIM card into your mobile device, it can be locked automatically if needed.
Web protection
Surf the Internet safely at all times with web protection. It promptly notifies you when you land on a phishing site. The cloud connection ensures that web protection recognizes the latest phishing sites.
App control
App control displays all installed apps along with the assigned rights on your smartphone or tablet. This allows sniffer apps to be identified and easily removed. Use filters to group your apps by rights and to have access to certain apps protected by G DATA Mobile Security.

• The quoted price is for one year, after which you need to pay for a license renewal.
• This app requires the device administrator for anti-theft protection.


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