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phase6 classic is Germany's leading vocabulary trainer. phase6 is the only app to offer vocabulary collections for all current course books and schoolbooks developed in close cooperation with Germany's leading educational and school book publishers and with assistance from university specialists in the relevant subject.

phase6 provides systematic training in vocabulary with lasting success. The app is based on the learner's current state of knowledge. More difficult vocabulary is repeated more frequently than that which the learner already knows well. This method is scientifically proven and has received several awards. 84% of our users confirm that their grades have improved significantly.


* Use is free of charge when you create your own vocabulary cards
* Ready-made vocabulary sets corresponding to all school textbooks
* Premium features: synchronisation, reports, dictionaries
* The vocabulary sets and premium features can be tested free of charge for 7 days


The basic features of the app are available free of charge. These can be used for free with the vocabulary sets you create yourself. The app's features are extended with premium:

* Synchronisation with the web app and other mobile devices
* Detailed reports on learning progress and learning activities
* Integrated, bilingual dictionaries from PONS

The PONS dictionaries for English, French, Spanish, and Latin contain up to 120,000 entries each and allow you to transfer vocabulary into the app's exercises with just one click.

The premium features can be tested free of charge and with no obligation for 7 days after registration.

Teachers, student teachers, and lecturers can use the premium features free of charge.


The publishing programme covers over 700 suitable vocabulary packages and basic vocabulary sets for English, French, Spanish, Latin, German as a Foreign/Second Language, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Danish, Greek, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Arabic, and Norwegian .

The vocabulary sets are coordinated with the textbooks and are organised by chapter and page numbers. Most also come with audio and sample sentences.

Vocabulary sets are available for the following text books (among others):

Vamos Adelante, Apúntate, Claro que si, Qué pasa, À plus! (Méthode intensive/Nouvelle édition), À toi!
Actio, Agite, Allegro (nuovo), Auspicia (Nova), Aussichten, Basis for Business, Blue Line, Camden Market, Camden Town Realschule/Gymnasium, Caminos neu, Campus, Career Express, Chiaro, Comes, Con dinámica, Con gusto, Con piacere, Context 21, Cours intensif, Crossover 2, Cursus, DaF Kompakt, Découvertes Cadet, Bleue, Jaune, Junior, Dialog, Diktatwörter, Dong bu dong, Easy English, Encuentros, Endlich Zeit für, eñe, English G 21, 2000, Access, Headlight, Lighthouse, EXPERT, Faire des affaires, Fairway, Felix, Focus on, For You, Freeway, geni@l klick, Giro, Go Ahead Bayern, Go for it, Great, Green Line, Grundschulwörterbuch, Güle güle, Horizons, Intra, Jasa, Jasno, Jassu, Javisst and many more ...

Our publishing partners (selection):

Cornelsen Schulverlage, Ernst Klett Verlag, Ernst Klett Sprachen, C.C.Buchner Verlag, Diesterweg Verlag, Oldenbourg Schulverlag, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Schöningh Verlag, Hueber Verlag, Langenscheidt Verlag, PONS, Lateinbuchverlag Lappersdorf, Lindauer Verlag, Little Helper, Bildungsverlag EINS.


phase6 is the No. 1 vocabulary trainer. The vocabulary trainer is used by children, adolescents and adults alike, is implemented in secondary schools and universities, and has been recommended by teachers at more than 7,000 schools.

For more information about phase6, please visit:

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