Co.Paint - 用数字为漫画人物着色

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Do you like playing with colors?
Or are you anime & manga fans?
Do you know that color is an art therapy that gives you time periods for relaxing yourself after work time and stay away from anxiety in daily life?
We offer this best color game – Color.Paint – Anime Paint by Number, a new anime & manga coloring book for everyone, so popular, so interesting, and so addicted!
Yeah... No matter who you are, you can be creative with modern masterpieces based on numbers in Color.Paint – Anime Paint by Number, like manga characters, anime boys, anime girls in anime comics and so on. All people who love anime & manga comics – anime fans gather together in here. Choose super fun images and color by numbers to make them be pretty and bring them to life.
So easy, right? In Color.Paint – Anime Paint by Number, only with a few simple steps, you can create wonderful pictures by yourself, immerse yourself in colors and art, to enjoy the journeys through numbers and colors. Let your brain rest and the stress will be passed with magic coloring by number! All thousands of wonderful pictures are free! And more updated every day! Let’s draw the life with your palette and brushes! Color.Paint – Anime Paint by Number, the anime and manga game that helps you to train your concentration, the patient, and improve the ability to combine the colors. Every color you paint will be a part to create your colorful life.
You just need to follow the numbers in squares, and there is a special color palette that suggests what kind of color does each number corresponds to. Coloring has never been so easy, everyone can become an outstanding artist in Color.Paint – Anime Paint by Number, try it now!
✪ Game for everyone: All people will enjoy this puzzle coloring game, anime & manga color by numbers game without any requirement. Don’t worry if you aren’t good at painting and drawing. Coloring is never easier!
✪ Easy to play: Simply follow the numbers and color the painting with special color palette, color drop in the same numbers' blocks. Tip tool helps you to auto-locate the coloring numbers which are unfinished, and when you’re completely painted one number color, the palette will show you’ve finished it. Then you’ll finish a cool anime & manga artwork!
✪ Various images with diverse topics including manga, anime characters such as anime boys, anime girls infamous anime comics and many others.
✪ Fostering love with art, anime & manga and improving other skills
✪ Anime coloring books anywhere without the internet. All are offline.
✪ New anime & manga pictures will be updated everyday
✪ All free: Yeah, all the pictures are totally free!
✪ Quick sharing: Post your artworks on all social networks. Share with other anime fans to have many funs!
Color.Paint – Anime Paint by Number, this game is an anime & manga coloring book that it’s worth trying! If you need a tool to paint with numbers, this coloring book will be the best choice. Let’s download now and enjoy! You can play the game anywhere without wifi, color to relax and be creative, you can color and recolor the blank coloring pages whether online or offline. Enjoy the wonderful game and share your artworks with your friends and other anime fans.
Thanks for your understanding and we’ll try the best to bring you the best coloring experience! And now it’s time to play the game Color.Paint – Anime Paint by Number, let’s try it!



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