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Ordering and managing your medication is now at your fingertips!

For the last 80 years, Discount Drug Store has been trusted to help Australians manage their health. With the new Discount Drug Store App, we’re making it even easier to stay on track, especially when it comes to your medication management.

Say goodbye to waiting for doctor’s appointments to get a new script, or forgetting when to take your medication, or worse, losing track of which you’ve taken and which you haven’t. This handy helper stores your medication information and reminds you when you’re about to run out or when you’re due to take medication. And if you’re looking after a loved one try the Carer Model function for that too. Easy!

These features are here to help you make managing your health more manageable by;

• Connecting to your local Discount Drug Store Pharmacy Team
• Sending alerts to remind you when to take medications and in which dose through the ‘Take-My-Meds’ function
• Remind you ahead of time when you are about to run out of your medications or when they’re overdue via the ‘Fill-My-Scripts’ function
• Linking you directly to your GP for easy repeat requests through the ‘GP Link’ function
• Order ahead through ‘Tap-To-Refill’ or ‘Snap-n-send’ to order and collect rather than standing in a queue.
• Helping you care for the ones you care through the ‘Carer Mode’ function
• Providing access to your prescription history which is updated each time you fill a script

It’s as easy as a quick download to your mobile phone putting your scripts firmly in your hands. And of-course your Discount Drug Store pharmacist is always here to help, so if you have any questions or need any advice, Just Ask!



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