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EGO Personal Quiz is the game to play with your friends

Find out how much you actually know about the people you spend your time with - they will surprise you!

3-8 persons can play this game on just ONE phone or ONE tablet!

EGO Personal Quiz is a new personal game and the object is to reveal personal opinions, thoughts and secrets about topics you have probably never before encountered or discussed.

One player at a time is posed a personal question with 3 given answers to choose from. When the player has chosen his or her answer, the other players each try to guess this player's answer.

A simple game, but nonetheless both revealing and great fun.

EGO Personal Quiz contains a basic version with content for several hours entertainment. If you like it, and decide you want more, please choose from our additional theme packages, such as: "PARTY TIME", "MORAL ISSUES", ”WOMEN’S NIGHT OUT" and ”MEN’S NIGHT OUT”. These can then be combined in a single game.

Have fun!

We guarantee - you will be surprised!

*** EGO Personal Quiz is basically a game for adults. We recommend an age of 15+ ***

*** Based on the original European Board Game ”EGO – Who are you?” ***

... If you enjoy playing EGO, why not check out our other award-winning game: More or Less - a quiz all about NUMBERS!

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