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Download and take a look at all the fantastic savings on everything from high street retailers to restaurants, electronics, gyms, travel etc.

With the Visma LogBuy App you are only one click away from saving a lot of money.

The Visma LogBuy app gives you a quick overview of all the discounts available from Local deals to Online deals.

You can choose to navigate through the Category Tree, to search via the Search Filter or to simply tab “Near by” to see what deals are in the neighbourhood.

You will get inspired by what others think or by the special offers from existing partners. Moreover, you can choose your favourite deals and share it with your friends and colleagues.

In the Profile menu you have access to your profile, your electronic Benefits Card and your settings.
With the electronic Benefits Card you don’t have to remember to bring a plastic or a printed card to show. You can simply show it from your mobile.

And if you think a deal is missing out, you can report it, and if the merchant wants to give a discount we will make the deal available for you within a short timeframe.

What is Visma LogBuy?
Visma LogBuy is the leading provider of Employee and Member benefits in Denmark giving access to more than 2000 deals across Denmark. Visma LogBuy has more than 500,000 users in the Danish market.

The Benefits Program, Visma LogBuy, has an attractive volume that generates value for all parties. Our size means we can offer great discounts and be selective in terms of products and services.

Visma LogBuy is easy and simple to understand - and is always available, wherever the users are, both geographically and technologically. Discounts are offered on products and services across the country, and the system can be accessed via desktop, as well as across mobile platforms.

Visma LogBuy means benefits for everyone.


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