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This application works with PRECURE MLI® Elbow kit, which you can buy at

MLI® is an abbreviation of Muscle Load Index.

PRECURE MLI® provides real time data analytics on muscle strain and user feedback in order to promote behavior modification and help reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries in the lower arm.

PRECURE MLI® Elbow measures the muscle strain in the lower arm. You get insight on how much strain you have in different positions, throughout your day, and over time. In this way, you can optimize your ergonomics and manage your muscle load.

You can see your actual muscle activity in real time in the PRECURE MLI® app.

PRECURE MLI® app sends your data to a cloud solution, where artificial intelligence evaluates your strain. In this way, PRECURE MLI® gives you valuable feedback. This is an indication of your load level associated with your actual muscle load.

Your feedback is individual and based on a calibration and a few questions about age, gender, previous injuries, and so forth.

The historical data provides you with an overview of your MLI® from the last 24 hours, last week, and last month. You get a tool to monitor your strain level, promote modification of your behavior, and help reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries in the lower arm.

Finally, PRECURE MLI® app also provide an option to register your ongoing pain level. This allows you to follow your pain development and compare this with your MLI®.

PRECURE MLI® data is also used for evaluation of where in the workplace strain is high, indicating place or situations with increased risk of strain injuries. It enables deeper analysis, providing your company customized, databased, and actionable insight. All presented in simple and intuitive reports, helping your company to create healthier workplaces.



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