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Pregnant – for while you are expecting is developed by The Danish Committee for Health Education in collaboration with The Danish Association of Midwives and the Danish Health Authorities, and with financial support from Trygfonden.

Why read tedious books, when you can have all the information you need easily accessible in your back pocket?

This app guides you through your pregnancy week-by-week and gives you advice on healthy food, relationship, examinations and everything else you need to know. Furthermore, the app includes a series of useful and fun tools, which help you keep track of midwifery-consultations, exercises, diary entries and photos.

The content of the app:
• Your pregnancy week-by-week
• Diary for your thoughts and pregnancy photos, which can be shared with family and friends
• Guide to the delivery ward at the hospital with phone numbers and directions
• Log book for your appointments with your midwife and doctor
• Video-instructions to help you prepare for the delivery
• Advice on morning sickness and other common nuisances
• Examinations – a description of the consultations with your midwife or doctor
• Sex and relationship when you are expecting a baby
• Your expectations for the delivery and the baby
• How to eat, drink and work-out during pregnancy
• Check lists for buying safe and practical baby equipment
• Everything about delivery, pain relief and maternity leave

In the app you choose your language and if you choose English, the app describes Danish conditions and is in line with The Danish Health Authorities’ recommendations on pregnancy and the general practice at the Danish delivery wards. If you choose Icelandic (then apps is called Ljósan), the text is created by the Icelandic midwifes and follows the Icelandic guidelines.

If you have questions or suggestions for improvements, please contact us by sending an e-mail to:



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