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Tribhuwan United Academy

发行商: Dynamic Technosoft Pvt. Ltd.
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This App provides a platform between Parents, Teachers, and School management to interact in the easiest & effective manner towards the safety & nourishment of CHILDREN. Few most striking features in the current version are
1) Daily Attendance– It enables teachers to take daily attendance in a hassle-free manner that too in very few minutes. At the same time parents also receive a notification about their ward's presence or absence.
2) Home Work– It enables teachers to send assignments/homework to all students in class with a single click. At the same time, it facilitates parents to receive & have a paperless track of all assignments especially when the ward is absent due to any reason.
3.) Circular– It enables parents to receive circulars from school & all sort of remarks about their ward immediately. Parents are also updated about various important remarks generated by teachers from time to time. From teachers as well as parents' points of view no need to wait up to upcoming parents teachers meeting rather during PTM, related solutions can be discussed.
5.) School Specific Notification - Parents receive all notifications through this app with a specific notification ring tone. In fact, it tells you that it is about your dear one by speaking the name of the school. Particular feature enables parents to differentiate between other numerous notifications (e.g. email, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.) & notifications about your loving one.
6.) Fee – Parents can view records of fees paid/due for their ward in addition to this, School management can also have a glance at fee-related datasheet class-wise/section-wise/session-wise as & when required.
7.) E-Library – It enables parents to access all e-books as & when required.


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