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Aims Integrator

发行商: Edward Smith
价格: 7.29 USD


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I RECOMMEND ALLOWING THIS APP TO AUTO UPDATE, this ensures that you always have the latest version particularly when the log-in changes.
This app allows single button log-on to the Aer Lingus Aims/eCrew system. It is only of use for Aer Lingus employees who have access to the eCrew System via the Aer Lingus Staff Portal (cockpit & cabin crew). Once your log-in details are entered you have easy access to
1) Your live personnel roster.
2) Crew details and flight times for any flights.
3) Departures and arrivals for any airport on the Aer Lingus network.
4) Live access to other crew members rosters via trip trades (those that have chosen to allow access).
Once your live roster is obtained it can be saved to your device for off line viewing or calendar entries can be created on your device with details of the duties including report and finish time, crew on flight, hotel details, training details memos & notes.

There is a 20 day free trial version available.

For ease of use I recommend getting a separate calendar for using with the roster, this can be done by logging onto your gmail account selecting calendar -> settings -> calendars -> create new calendar. Then select this calendar in the settings menu of this app (you may have to wait a few minutes for the calendar to sync with the device. When you get a 'Friday change' or do a swap then your calendar can be easily updated by selecting the days that cover the change getting that roster then create the calendar entries. The old entries will be deleted and the new ones created.
If you have any problems or have ideas for improvements or enhancements please contact me. From time to time the log-in process is changed when this happens an update for this app will be issued, please bear with any delay while it is updated.
If you work for another airline that uses the eCrew system and would like this app to work for you contact me and I will see what can be done


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