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FORFOUR is a local MULTIPLAYER game for up to 4 players, like in old days, playing round the table, besides you don't need the table. So chatting, shouting warnings, reveal hints makes this game even more FUN.

The host creates a game and all players in the same wireless network can join it. No worry, if you are less than four, you always can pick an AI PLAYER for the missing opponents, that learns, as you, to get better.

The rules are simple, get 4 of your stones connected. But the gameplay still is challenging, since your set of stones is shared with other players. For example, if you play WHITE, you get 8 white spheres and 8 white cubes and that you share with the one's that play SPHERES and CUBES, because they got 8 white cubes and spheres. Sounds complicated, but it is not.

You also can play this game in AUGMENTED REALITY on supported devices, which makes it more easy to get a close look at the game board to reveal all hidden possibilities to win.

FORFOUR AR is the second game by MENTALHOME, after our triple award winning game FEER the game of running blind.



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