FastVPN - Fast, Secure Proxy, Unblock sites

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❌ Unable to browse blocked sites?
❌ Can’t access your favorite apps/games because country restrictions?
❌ Worried about public Wi-Fi hotspots?

FastVPN is built to solve your problem! Easy to bypass blocked apps/restricted websites, secure WiFi hotspots and browse privately & anonymously.

Highlights of FastVPN:

⭐ Simple: Easy to use - just click on “Connect” button, FastVPN will do it all.
⭐ Speed: Connect to VPN super fast with high speed bandwidth servers.
⭐ Secured: Increase privacy and security. Browse anonymously and securely without being tracked.
⭐ Stable: Lots of servers to connect, or just use Auto mode to connect to the fastest server based on your connection latency.
⭐ Compatible: Works with WiFi,LTE, 4G, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.
⭐ Support: If you have any feedback or suggestions, please send an email to:!

❓ What is a VPN:
VPN (Virtual Private Network) extends a private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their devices were directly connected to the private network. Across a VPN, apps may therefore benefit from the functionality, security, and management of the private network.

❓ Why using a VPN application:

With a VPN, you are not only able to unblock geo-restricted or censored services, your online privacy and security will be greatly bolstered as you’ll be surfing the web completely anonymously.



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