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Fast Charger - Charge Battery Fast - Fast Charging is the best applications produced to help mobile users boost charging speed (automatic fast charger ) with one click.

Have you ever faced with the issue of slow charging and time wasting on charging?

♻️ The fact shows that: When you are charging battery of your devices, plenty of background applications and services are still running; sometimes Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/5G, Bluetooth, NFC and many other connections are still available.
This is the main causes resulted that your phone/tablet still consume a large amount of energy which leads to the consequence you have to spend much longer for battery charging.
To have quick charge, there is only one method: Kill background, turn off all background services and applications, turn off all unnecessary connections to optimize your device. All these things will help your phone charge battery faster.
However, all the ways above is too complicated and hard to do quickly.
Don’t worry, with Fast Charger - Charge Battery Fast - Fast Charging, all those stuffs will be done automatically.

Only one click to charging boost speed ! Only one click to optimize devices and have fast charge! What an amazing application!


🚀 1 click optimize
⚡ Turn off Data Sync (Automatic)
⚡ Turn off Bluetooth (Automatic)
⚡ Clean RAM – Kill background applications and running services (Automatic)
⚡ Automatically reduce screen brightness to lowest
⚡ Boost charging speed on Android devices (Automatic)
⚡ Junk cleaner

🚀 When plug charging, Fast Charger - Charge Battery Fast - Fast Charging will enable Fast Charge mode automatically.
🚀 All you need to do is choose “Fast Charge” and Fast charger battery will do the rest.
All optimizing process to have fast healthy battery charge will be done automatically
Then you can enjoy the quick charge battery process.
Also you can change the setting of smart charging mode by click to “setting” icon

⚡ Fast charging support 99.99% Android devices

If you are looking for an app to speed up charging, Fast Charger - Charge Battery Fast - Fast Charging is the best selection for you to have quick charger

The application is being developed. All the appreciations and Feedback from users is great supports for us to create perfect application for people all over the world.
Hopefully we can see rating and feedback from you!
Thank you so much!

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