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Takealot – SA’s #1 Online Mobile Shopping App

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Shop online for everyday essentials, medicine, food, electronics and more from Takealot, South Africa’s #1 shopping site! Takealot now has a new, updated design so you can swipe to shop and add custom wish lists.

Please note: Certain products, such as large appliances, are not eligible for collection; these will need to be delivered to a home or business address.

Find amazing savings on grocery shopping, essentials, the latest tech & entertainment and more! Shop everything you need, conveniently delivered to your door with contactless delivery, on one convenient shopping app.

Takealot is the leading online shopping app in South Africa. Buy great products at great prices through a simple, secure online shopping experience. Shop by swiping to add items to and from your cart and make online shopping even easier.

Browse millions of products across 28 departments from household appliances, home office supplies and video games to furniture, makeup and TVs - plus much, much more. Shop around and save items you want to custom lists for later.

Shop and get your orders sent anywhere in South Africa with FREE SHIPPING & COLLECTIONS when you spend R450 or more – T&Cs apply. Track your order from warehouse packaging to arrival. Get delivery to your door or to your nearest Takealot Pickup Point, where you can collect at a time and place that is convenient to your schedule

Takealot lets you shop securely, with biometric face or thumbprint ID - unless your password is “password,” you’re going to love this nifty new login method. Start shopping on SA’s #1 online shopping app simply by using fingerprint or facial recognition.

Our barcode scanner within the app lets you find the best deals and prices whilst on the go, so you can save money when shopping.

Shop with the Takealot Android App and start saving today!


• Great deals on everyday essentials!
• Smartphones, gaming, music, clothing and much more
• Daily deals with big discounts!

• Online shopping made simple and secure. Shop, browse and buy millions of Takealot products across 28 departments from our online shopping app, anytime, anywhere
• Online safe payment options including EFT, credit & debit cards and more
• Mobile shopping brings the convenience of online shopping anywhere you go!
• Shop securely by logging in with thumbprint or face ID
• Create wish lists and share them across all platforms.

• Delivery that’s fast & reliable, right to your door anywhere in South Africa
• Shop online with contactless delivery
• FREE SHIPPING & COLLECTIONS when you spend R450 or more
• Shop and track your order every step of the way
• Hassle-free returns if something isn’t right

• Daily Deals, App Only Deals and special promotions help you save
• Shop mobile & share links to products via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
• Cheap shopping, high quality! Save big on brands you know.
• Bargain shopping without leaving your home. Shop and ship from your mobile!

• Barcode scanner lets you price check items you see in stores
• Scan barcodes on products you see in department stores to see how much Takealot can save you
• Shopping list of what you want – keep items in your cart and buy on your mobile!

Browse deals and buy at unbeatable prices for:
• Computers, Tablets & Electronics
• Cameras
• Groceries
• Cellphone & Wearables
• Homeware & Kitchen Appliances
• Body & Hair Care
• TV, Audio & Video
• Baby & Toddler
• Books & Movies
• TV & video games
• Music
• Pet Supplies
• Games, Toys & Gifts
• Makeup & Beauty
• Health & Wellness
• Office & Stationery
• Luggage & Travel
• Home supplies
• And more!

Shop for anything you can imagine and get it from your fingertips to your front door. Download the mobile app and find great savings today!

*Excluding tobacco and liquor products


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