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Terveystalo Oma Terveys

发行商: Terveystalo
价格: 免费


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Welcome to the new Oma Terveys! We have improved the application’s user experience with even better access to old services and many new features.

Make a remote appointment by day and by night

Contacting a doctor via remote appointment only takes about 7 seconds. Talk to a doctor or a nurse in a video appointment or a chat and send images securely. Prescriptions and referrals are included in the price of the chat.

Access your information anytime, anywhere

With Oma Terveys, your health information is always quick and easy to access. Check your laboratory results, prescriptions or vaccinations.

Quick and safe login

Use your bank information or mobile ID when you first log in to use the application safely from the start. After your first login, you can use a PIN code or biometric identification to log in quickly.

Pay for your appointment easily

You can pay for your remote appointment or an appointment you had at a Terveystalo clinic. Payment can be made easily by paying the invoice you receive in the application after your visit. You can pay the invoice in your online bank, using a payment card or with mobile payment. You have 3 days to pay the invoice.

My Plan – a personal health plan

The personal plan includes goals that support your health and allow you to easily write down measurements and complete self-evaluations.

We are always improving your user experience and will introduce new features to the application in phases. We value your opinion – participate in the application’s development by giving us feedback on the application.


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779 条评价

Horrible UI. Functions not working. Messages not coming trough. Unusable.


Previously it was working perfectly but after your last update I can not verify myself with Nordea , it gives me all the time information that my id can not be verified, I guess your Telia security doesn't support anymore Nordea , my Kanta ,Mehiläinen and other apps are working without any problems, try to fix verification problem with your updated app


Used to work, now cannot login (login through säästöpankki redirects correctly to Telia, then crashes after pressing 'jatka')


Aivan luokattoman huono softa. Laskujen lataaminen pdf-muodossa ei onnistu, ei sovelluksessa (jossa toisin väitetään) eikä ainakaan kovin helpolla verkossa. Ei jatkoon


No possibility to register without a Finnish bank account or mobile contract


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