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Download the new application to get daily and upcoming skins from battle royale shop.
We get all the information to get exclusive packs and skins, there are some skins you can get free, we have all the information so you can get them!!

This app show you upcoming items from items shop battle royale

🔥100 % safe. No Ban.
🔥 We manage the access of the beta tester in the users so that they can download the skins for free.
🔥 Works on all platforms ps4, xbox, pc, android ....
🔥 For all ages
🔥 Easy to use, we only need your nickname.
🔥 Simple
🔥 Free

😱 character skins + beak skin + backpack skin + paragliding skin + fortnite dance
Even a LEGENDARY skin! 😱.

You may be one of the few users who take advantage of access to beta testing to get battle royale skins.

You will be able to get the new skins, both from season 9 and the previous ones, before anyone else. If you can buy it with vbuck in the item store, then you can download it using our system.

What good is this good application for?

● To get skins from the articles store every day Daily and upcoming items.
● To shorten waiting times :) you can perform tasks within the application.
●For Gamer that play Fortnite in Battle Royale Mode

What awaits you:

● Simple and simple application
● We do not ask for passwords, with your user is enough.
● 100% secure


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