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Do you like to take challenges and win rewards? The best android app for the online quiz is here. Play mIQuiz multiplayer quiz game and win more. The game starts with a question and several answers. Play exciting online quiz contest, score well and win coins.
Make the highest coins of the month/daily or win a challenge and earn rewards.
This is a very unique quiz app where you can play games and win everyday. Learn and earn from the world quiz game app. Your general knowledge can earn rewards from this quiz app. Users can earn online by playing games, Play for Free and Win.

*Play Quiz with knowledge and skills*
mIQuiz offers multiple quiz brain games that you can play for free and win rewards at any time of the day. During the quiz game, the audience can also see whether they have answered correctly or wrongly on their phones. Using a multiplayer quiz game, online quizzes get quick results, so the user can identify their knowledge gap or can test skills. The technical Quiz game app provides a timer for the whole quiz or set timer per question. We have added a total of 9 levels in a quiz game, each level has 10 multiple choice questions with providing 4 lifeline options.

quiz games general knowledge - mIQuiz quizzes include,
Movie : Identify of actor or actress name, identify movie name,
Technology quiz, Daily current affairs quiz 2020, Indian GK quiz, Live quiz, science quiz, logo quiz, picture quiz, maths all level quiz, food quiz, geography quiz, picture fun quiz, tech starter quiz, tech dessert quiz, battle ground quiz, etc.

*Invite & Earn*
- Invite all your friends
- Ask them to sign up using your referral invite code
- If they win, you also get 50 coins for each person that registers with your code.

*Multiplayer Quiz Game*
multiplayer quiz games online/multiplayer quiz games india.Play online against players from all around the world. Challenge your family, your friends or any other player and show your best general knowledge and skills!

*How to play Quiz Game*
1. Download best live quiz app for competitive exams - mIQuiz
2. Sign up an account with Facebook or Gmail.
3. Enter your phone number, username.
4. Start your quiz game, and if you give 10 answers to questions correctly, you will win coins.

*Quiz Lifeline*
During a quiz game, If you have a lifeline option you can stay in the game even after you give the wrong answer to a question. The online quiz app has given the standard four lifelines in place at the time.
1. 50:50
2. Skip question
3. Audience Poll
4. More Time

A leaderboard shows all the user’s scores. You can compare your score with others. Also, it displays the final winner at the end of your quiz.

*Battle Quiz*
- This will allow playing an online quiz, player Vs player battle.
- If you have not found any player in a battle, you can battle with the robot.
- For battle, the Same questions will be served for both the players and the winner will be declared based on no right answers.

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Get GK quiz 2020 with exciting prizes to win. Quiz world 2020 includes current affairs quiz, logo quiz, general knowledge quiz, puzzle quiz games, multiple choice game, math quiz, science quiz, history, cricket quiz, etc.

The general knowledge quiz app learns and practices.

Win coins & rewards every time you play online quiz games, share with your friends and more.



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