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Καφεμαντεία Greek Style

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Drank your Greek coffee and you do not have someone to read your cup?
Any time of day, shoot and send photos from your cup and our fortune teller will you make your prediction.
A truly online cafe Ocean is always near you, wherever you are, and if that language you speak. With experience and our knowledge as we do in our stores in Thessaloniki since 1995.
- View each of our fortune teller, through the personal profile and select the appropriate for you based on her personal score in emotional, financial, family and health issues. View knowledgeable amount is based on the cup has read so far and read the biography staff.
- VIP Membership for our users who do not want to wait the fortune teller during peak hours! Upgrade to VIP Subscribe now to read the "Kafetzou" your cup above all else and receive the projections as even your cup is hot! - Login using your Facebook account to automatically earn 30 free points.
- The photos of the cup to send examined according to thousands of symbols and patterns based on the experience of our fortune teller.
- Provisions coming especially for you and according to your sign, according to the personal information you provide.
- By connecting to Facebook account you get 30 free points.
- By notification on Facebook you earn an extra 5 Free credits every time. - Making a call to your Facebook friends earn 1 free unit for each.
- Ability to send Cups with other people through your own account, temporarily changing personal details. Forecasts are fun and exciting! With personal forecast you will receive from our "Kafetzou", the Sun Effie, the Sun Mary, Miss Laurel and many others will be delighted and will spend enjoyable moments.

*** Subscribe to our page on Facebook. You expect great surprises!


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Κ.Ζαχαρουλα,βρήκατε κάτι πολυ σημαντικο για μεναπου δεν υπήρχε περίπτωση να το ακούσω από πουθενά αλλού .Εμεινα άφωνη. Μπραβο σας. Συνεχίστε και σύντομα θα τα ξαναπουμε.Να είστε πάντα καλά. Μπράβο σε όλο το team.


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