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Buy and sell your new or used goods on the #1 FREE classified ad platform in Greece.

With tens of thousands of ads posted, our growing community of sellers and buyers connect each day to buy, sell or exchange items while creating meaningful relationships and support for the local economy. Search Vendora to find items related to:

* Sports, Leisure & Travel
* Real Estate
* Books, Magazines, Movies & Music
* Video Games & Consoles
* Baby items
* Tickets
* Business and Industrial Equipment
* Jobs
* Cameras & Optics
* Musical Instruments & Sound Equipment
* Vehicles
* Toys, Hobbies & Crafts
* Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
* Home & Garden
* Collectables
* Arts & Antiques
* TV and Audio
* Phones & Accessoires
* Health, Beauty & Nutrition
* Services
* Computers, Tablets,& Peripherals
* Gadgets
Or anything you would like to sell!

Save on waste and shop locally
Thousands of items are listed and sold on our platform, money and second-hand items are recycled back in the local economy - reducing waste and the purchase of imported products from other countries.

Find what you are looking for
Vendora keeps things organized. Our proprietary A.I. machine learning software places relevant ads in the best possible category to maximize visibility for the items you are searching for. You can search through multiple categories for the perfect find.

Vendora is mobile
Take Vendora with you everywhere you go, our mobile app allows you to stay in constant contact with your seller or buyer, so you never miss an opportunity to sell or find the perfect item.

A platform to sell your creations
Use our platform to promote and sell your creations. People search our platform for original and creative items.

Low cost bargain hunting made easy.
Download our app today! You never know what you will find!


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