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Winbank Mobile

发行商: Piraeus Bank S.A.
价格: 免费


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Using the winbank mobile app, you can perform your transactions and plan your monthly expenses using new modern financial planning tools!

Financial planning tools
- New home screen with transactions from all channels
- View of all product categories
- Categorization of monthly expenses with capability of setting spending goals
- Saving goals & saving progress

Easy navigation
In the new home screen, you can see the latest transactions and initiate a new transaction:
- With a vertical scroll, you can navigate among all product categories (Deposits, Cards, Loans, Investments and more) and the new home screen. By selecting a category e.g. Cards, you can navigate among your cards with a horizontal scroll.
- With a horizontal right scroll, you can view at a glance your product balances per category.
- With a horizontal left scroll, you can view your monthly expenses per category (e.g. Home, Transport). Here you can set new monthly spending goals and monitor your expenses.

Accounts & transactions
- View your account balances, your investment products (stocks, bond, mutual funds, repos, portfolio details) and personalized information on the available yellow points for redemption.
- Perform easily transactions such as: money transfers, bill & card payments (barcode scanning available for DEI and WIND payments), information and top-up of prepaid cards, mobile top-up, e-Administrative fee issuing and payment, Insurance Coupon, e-Pass Attiki Odos, IRIS 24/7 Payment, send instant cash for cash withdrawal from any Piraeus Bank ATM without a card and more.

Security management
- Allowing the app’s notifications, the extraPIN code is automatically received and submitted by your device when needed for your mobile app transactions. You just confirm the transaction using your quick login, saving time while increasing security.
- You can use the mobile app to approve web banking transactions, also with the ability to set a Trusted Beneficiary.
- Setup additionally security features for quick login (4 digit PIN or fingerprint authentication* for compatible devices).
- Change password.

Other characteristics
- Piraeus Bank Masterpass service
- Perform transactions by long pressing the icon of the app (Android version 7.1 or higher)
- Block-unblock for cards
- Reissue password & send username
- Send IBAN
- Aliases
- Login to yellowday app through winbank mobile
- Find and view branches, ATMs and easypay kiosks on a map

The new winbank mobile application is currently available for all Piraeus Bank individual customers.

In case you do not have winbank credentials yet, please register online**, easily and for free, via web or via the new winbank mobile app.

In cases when another application has an overlay feature, the winbank mobile app cannot be used. In those cases, the winbank mobile app can be used only if the overlay feature from another application is disabled in the device’s local settings.

For any information, or assistance in your banking experience, you can contact us through:
- e-mail:
- Phone: +3021088000

The service is provided under the current restrictions on capital transfers.

* For devices that support fingerprint authentication technology Android OS 6+ supporting a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and not rooted.
** Requires an active debit card (and its PIN) and your mobile phone number that you have registered at Piraeus Bank.


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