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"Studying and Earning Money are 2 Things to Do Every Day and Lifetime"

- You are a newly graduated architect or engineer, you need to equip with practical knowledge to upgrade your professional capacity?
- You are a House Building Preparer, you want to equip with the knowledge of Design and Construction in a short time in order not to lose money?

The Design and Construction Handbook is an Application Summarized from 12 years of Hiep's experience in Design and Construction.

* The App. Supports Design by:
- Providing Sample Design Process
- Identifying Common Errors in Design.
- Factors affecting Design.
- Guiding Small Area Housing Design.
- Notes in Design.
- Interior Specifications.
- Sample Design progress.
Purpose: Upgrading Design Quality.

* The App. Support Construction by:
- Knowledge of Labor Safety.
- Providing Sample Construction Process.
- Defining the Roles and Duties of Construction Supervisors.
- Identifying the Acceptance Periods.
- Identifying Common Errors in Construction.
Purpose: Improving the Construction Quality.

* The App. Supports Builders:
- Reading the drawing.
- Procedures for Construction Permit.
- Determining the types of Costs.
- Determining the Materials used in the construction.
- Choosing a qualified Designing Unit.
- Choosing a qualified Construction Contractor.
Purpose: Minimizing house Building risks.

* Especially, the App. has the following 8 support tools:
- Lighting Design - Calculating the Number of Lights for each room.
- Power Supply Design - Selecting MCB and Wiring Area when Power consumption is known.
- Air Conditioner Design - Selecting Air Conditioning Capacity when the Area and Ceiling height are known.
- Statistics of Wires Used in Buildings - Minimizing the risk of Wiring Supplies loss.
- Statistics of Water Pipes Used in Buildings - Minimizing the risk of Water Pipe Materials loss.
- Ramp Design - Determining the length of Ramp when Ramp Altitude is known.
- Slope Design - Calculating Slope title angle when Roof Slope is know and Vice versa.
- Determining the Construction Progress of Work Items.

* The App. Provides Values ​​for you to create Multiplied Values.
* The App. helps Saving Time and Cost for House Building Preparers, Workers in the Design and Construction industry.
* Once Installed, Forever Updated Application.
* After Installation, you can Search Knowledge "anywhere" without Internet.



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