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GOGOX (formerly GOGOVAN)-Your Delivery App

发行商: GoGo Tech Limited
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Rebranding from GOGOVAN to GOGOX, place your first order with GOGOX now!

Need delivery now? Let GOGOX help you. With over 8 million registered drivers worldwide, deliveries made possible at anytime.

Download GOGOX App now and place an order!

Whether you’re going to deliver small packages, flowers, food, move bulky items, or deliver luggage to the airport, GOGOX is here to help you 24/7. With training sessions and rating systems, our drivers and couriers are well-equipped to deliver your goods safely to the destination.

Instant matching with nearby drivers and couriers, GOGOX offers you fast and reliable delivery service 24/7.

4 Steps to Place Your Order:
1. Log in with email or mobile.
2. Set Route and Choose Service / Vehicle type
3. Match with Driver and Track the Delivery
4. Receive the Goods, Sign off packages and Rate the Service

Features and Benefits:
+ [!hassle-free!] - Book a professional delivery service in a few minutes
+ [!diverse!] - Provide door-to-door courier service from small items such as documents, flowers, food, to moving large furniture, outdoor activities equipment, music instrument, pets
+ [!flexible!] - Offer on-demand, 4-hours* and same day delivery service to cater moving and logistics needs
+ [!transparent!] - View transparent pricing instantly after choosing destinations and vehicle/service, convenient e-receipts for SME and business
+ [!instant!] - Match your order instantly with the nearest driver and delivery partner
+ [!real-time!] - Track and trace the location of your goods and vehicle
+ [!driver!] - Ensures reliable and consistent service
+ [!order!] - Manage and access your order history in the app

*4-hours delivery service is available in Hong Kong ONLY. For moving and same-day delivery service, you can use the same GOGOX app to place orders in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan.*
**GOGOX now supports Faster Payment System (FPS) in Hong Kong.**

We provide services in HK, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Mainland China and India. Just a few taps, you can easily request a van, truck, lorry, motorbike or walker for moving or door-to-door service. Download our app now to enjoy the new delivery experience.

If you have any enquiries, please contact us at:
- GOGOX Hong Kong: | +852 3590 3399
- GOGOX Singapore: | +65 6836 1110
- GOGOX Vietnam: | +84 28 7308 8995


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Good Apps ! Keep working !


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