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Budapest Bank Mobil App

发行商: Budapest Bank Zrt.
价格: 免费


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To manage your finances, download and use the Budapest Bank Mobil App, which allows you to use the most frequently services of Budapest Internet Bank.

Main functions:
View account balance
• HUF transfer to payment partners
• HUF transfer to new partners

• Transfer between HUF accounts
• Fingerprint authentication
• View account history (with history filter)
• View of sent orders
• View of transaction details
Account informations
• Change of account user
Mobile payment
Credit and debit card information, activation and suspension
• Adjustment of credit and debit card cash withdrawal limits, purchases limits and online limits

QR cheque payment
• Change of language (English, Hungarian)
• Hidden account balances on welcome screen
Login to the Internetbank with QR code
• Account statements
• View orders sent online


How to activate the application?
• Download and launch the application.
• As a first step, please provide your ID and password used in the Budapest Internetbank.
• You will receive a one-time password to your phone number set in the Budapest Internetbank. You will need this password when the application requires you to provide the password sent in text message.
• When logging in to the application, please provide a unique ID (mPIN) consisting of six digits. You will use this mPIn to access the application thereafter.
• The activation of the application ends upon the confirmation of your mPIN and you will enter the application for the first time.
• During the sign in process, you have the option to enable the fingerprint authentication.


Your opinion is important to us. We will constantly extend the available services based on the received feedback. Please help us and share your opinion and suggestions at

We here by inform you, that the comments written in the Google Play Store are not handled as official complaints. In case of complaints please contact us at e-mail address or call our customer support on 1440 phone number.


Technical conditions:
• The fingerprint login is not supported on devices, which do not use the Google Fingerprint API solution.
• Client side operating systems: Android 5.0, or operating systems of higher version numbers.
• The use of the application on devices with rooted operating systems is not supported in order to protect our clients, as, in this case, the risks of accessing data regarding their bank accounts escalate.

Technical conditions for Mobile Payment:
• At least Android 5.0 version
• NFC (Near Field Communication)
• Mastercard or Maestro credit or debit card


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5383 条评价

Teljesen jól működik, az NFC fizetés teljesen problémamentes.


It's an easy application to use...I love it


I absolutely love it. Easy to use.


Javították a hibát.




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