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发行商: Tesco Stores
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Welcome to a seamless shopping experience with Tesco. Choose from thousands of products, order from anywhere, scan products easily to add them into the basket and enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home. Our Tesco Online app offers you two services for a great shopping experience. First, Tesco from Home is available in bigger cities and their surroundings, and second,Tesco Doboz Webshop is available nationwide, even in the Tesco From Home delivery areas. Services are available based on your location, you can check the availability of the services after the registration.

With Tesco From Home Service, you can shop from the wide range of more than 13,000 products, including fresh and frozen groceries. Choose your favourite products or simply repeat your previous order. Have you run out of some basic food from the fridge? Just scan the barcode of the products you want to buy with your mobile phone! Choose the delivery time and have your order delivered to your door or pick it up yourself at the nearest collection point as soon as the next day!

Depending on your location, Tesco From Home Service may not be available to you. In this case, we have the nationwide Tesco Doboz Webshop, where you can choose from more than 4,000 non-perishable products online and shop conveniently for food, beverages, cosmetics, household needs, detergents and products for babies or pets. Products are always carefully selected by Tesco employees and delivered by courier within 3-5 business days.

Please, be aware that there are some differences between Tesco From Home and regular online shops. With Tesco From Home, our product listing on the website is informative only, and there may be some substitute products in your order when our drivers deliver it to your doorstep due to us picking the order right from the store on the day of delivery. These substitute products are used in case of current insufficient stock of products you have ordered. We choose the closest match to your selection, both in terms of price and quality. You will be informed of these substitutes beforehand, they will be placed separate from other products and you will have an option to pick the ones you want, paying only for the products you actually choose to receive. You can also opt out of receiving any substitutes during the shopping process in the app. Tesco Doboz Webshop does not offer any substitutes, in case of insufficient stock you will not receive the product and you will not be charged for it. For more information about differences please click here.

Tesco From Home:
Available in bigger cities and their surroundings
Choose from 13,000 high quality products including fresh and frozen groceries
Substitute products in case of insufficient stock, with an option to opt out during the shopping process
Cancel or edit your order until 11:00 p.m. the day before delivery
Delivery to your doorstep or pick up at the nearest collection point as soon as the next day
We use a guide price for your order, which can change with your delivery
The moment of concluding the contract is at delivery, when you decide which products you want to keep

Tesco Doboz Webshop:
Available nationwide, including Tesco From Home delivery areas
More than 4,000 non-perishable products to choose from
No substitute products in case of insufficient stock
Edit or cancel your order until 11:00 p.m. on the day you create it.
Delivery to home by external parcel service, usually within 3-5 working days We use fixed prices that won’t change with your delivery The Order is finalised we you receive the confirmation email.

After registration, you can check if you are in the delivery area for both services, for Tesco Doboz Webshop only.
Try comfortable shopping via mobile app, and enjoy delivery to your door!


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