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With the My Vodafone App, you can take control of your subscription 24/7: check your minutes, texts or data consumption. If you need more data, use My Vodafone App to buy more. You can also personalize your app and check your balance easier than ever. Find out everything about our Vodafone Family discounts and manage your subscriptions all at once. From now on you can easily customize your tariff, check your network speed and usage. Enjoy the immediate extra benefits and discounts in a playful way through GoodThings program.

My Bills
Pay your bills with a few taps and download them in PDF format
Save your bank cards for quicker payment and enable recurring payment anytime

Top up
Check your prepaid balance anytime
Top up your balance easier than ever

Data purchase
Purchase unlimited Vodafone Music, Video, Navitgate, Connect Pass packages
Refill your subscription with one-time or recurring data packages

Enter the world of GoodThings and enjoy the surprises only in the application

Vodafone Family
Find out everything about our family discounts and on how you can join
Don't worry about your kid's mobile spending, set the services they can use with Kid MobileCompass

Check your network or Wi-Fi speed with the Speedchecker function
Find a detailed view of all your data usage

My Offers
Explore the special offers recommended just for you

Find the answer to your questions regarding our products or services

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