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Impressive Lucky Boom

发行商: Viktoriia Oskalenko
价格: 免费


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Find out how lucky you are and claim your well-deserved reward at Impressive Lucky Boom! The app is ideal for those looking for original game mechanics to relax after a day of work or school. Only the most fortunate will be able to win the favor of powerful kings, whose gratitude will lie in untold riches and donated power.

After downloading Impressive Lucky Boom, players will find that it is neither like a unique clicker with its own storyline and multiple paths of passage. At the beginning, after the start of the game, the user will be presented with a royal chest lined with jewels, near which the majestic rulers of various kingdoms will be located on all edges of the screen.

The gameplay, however, will almost entirely consist of clicks on the chest, and already from it, in turn, various attributes characteristic of kings will drop out. For each dropped attribute, one of the kings will be credited with 100 points. However, there are also rare attributes that make it possible to participate in a mini-game and multiply the points received.
The local mini-game is the famous "Red or Black", where the player must choose what color the card will be drawn. But everything is not so simple here either, since the number of attempts here is limited only by your glasses, which can lead, with extreme waste, to a complete loss of the accumulated funds.

In addition to the extraordinary gameplay, Impressive Lucky Boom has nice graphics and user-friendly interface, which together makes the game process as comfortable and responsive as possible.
Win your luck in Impressive Lucky Boom and become the most powerful person in all kingdoms!


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