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SafeBeep is an innovative application that transforms your smartphone into a multi-level, monitoring alarm system that warns against emergency situations, like car accidents or body fall.
The application is downloaded and installed on the smartphone of the “protected members” and enables them to connect with the Guardian(s) and the rest of the “family” members. It serves as an everyday life monitoring service that runs “silently” on your smartphone’s operating system and becomes active only when an emergency situation actually occurs. If you wish to get informed in detail of the emergency situations handled by SafeBeep or the phone devices that can support it, please visit our website on

Safebeep is ideal for people who want to:
• protect their loved ones and feel protected
• be notified if any family member is in danger
• keep family members connected together and enhance their bonding
• create a safety family circle that allows you and the rest of family members to feel protected
The app allows you to monitor and alert whenever you or a family member is involved in:
• a Car Accident
• a Safety Perimeter Breach around a designated area
• Body Fall or unstable walking, a specifically helpful function for senior citizens
• Speed Limit Violation

As a SafeBeep user you can also:
• raise manual alarms, either a “Silent” one without touching the phone screen and being detected by a third party, or an instant Emergency alarm, when you are in danger
• get instant notifications about your family members’ safety status, their activities and location on a map
• check your family location on a map at all times
• get route directions to reach the location in case a “family” member has raised an alarm
• share your location, if you wish, by using the check – in feature
• chat separately with a member or participate in a group chat with your entire “family” by using the chat feature
• check and edit your information at all times, but always stay protected under the SafeBeep automatic multi-level alarm and monitoring system. You can deactivate being tracked down if you need some “time off” but still remain protected as the app is “silently” running in your smartphone’s operating system
• be able to access and handle the application through the web page and if you are the Administrator of your “family”, modify all family members’ settings, delete members from your “family” list, receive the latest history of up to one month regarding any activity or position of all members on a site map
• pair a smartwatch, which can be very convenient for senior citizens and children

Disclaimer about battery consumption
Continued usage of location services, as the app runs on the background of your smartphone can excessively drain your battery.


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