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WhaleBlue is dedicated to making your internet faster and more secure! Download WhaleBlue VPN App now to easily access your favorite sites and services censored in your country! We help you unblock streaming contents in various countries and regions.

★ Why Choose WhaleBlue VPN?

✓ 7-day Free Trial
We provides 7-day free trial with unlimited bandwidth. Download it now to your Android phone and tablet. It's absolutely free.

✓ One Account for All Devices
Our VPN service works on all devices you can think of. Whichever OS your gadget runs - be it Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, or even Linux - we have them all covered.

✓ Stay Anonymous & Secure
Keep your privacies safe from your boss, carriers, and governments. To surf privately, incognito browsers ain't enough. We hide your real IP and keep zero-logs to cover your tracks.

✓ Fast & Stable VPN server network
With a network of 100+ carefully optimized servers across the globe, our services route traffic through higher priority, less congested backbone fabrics, and thus greatly boost speeds.

✓ Boost Speeds
Powerful servers and optimized routes boost internet speeds and thus vastly improve your streaming and downloading experience.

✓ Global Coverage
Choose from hundreds of servers in dozens of countries. With unlimited speeds, you can connect from anywhere in the world.

✓ Unparalleled Customer Care
Get instant answers through live chat support! Remote desktop help available upon request.

✓ 30-day Money Back Guarantee
Not satisfied? We will refund your purchase. Totally risk-free! No questions asked. Period.

⇨ Download WhaleBlue VPN, the fast & secure ShadowSockR VPN, start your 7-day free trial today and experience the mind blowing speed.

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