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With Styders there is a world of features to discover!

- Thanks to the simple and intuitive design you can use Styders in a quick and easy way, making the most of all the features we have chosen for you, which will allow you to have a wide choice to create something unique, and define your style!

- Every feature in the application has been specially developed to ensure a smooth and immediate experience by making the least possible use of the device and its performance, which will remain constant and irrelevant despite the animated background.

- To ensure a pleasant experience avoiding unpleasant and repetitive situations, within Styders you will not find any kind of advertising or windows that have nothing to do with the application. Also, the price paid for the application is unique and forever, we will never ask you for more money to use Styders.

- After several studies, we have devised an innovative method to satisfy the need to be able to set an animated background with the lowest possible battery consumption. In fact, the battery power consumption is so low that the continuous use of the application will not affect the battery charge level. In devices with an OLED screen, in particular, by selecting Black mode, you will have a significant increase in battery life.

- We will also strive to satisfy every single user by correcting any problems and / or adding new features to ensure every user who buys Styders, a pleasant and unique experience. So do not hesitate to contact us and send us feedback, we are ready to come against you to meet your needs.

Some of the features we would like to introduce you:

- From the application you can choose when to turn the edge on and off with a simple button, without having to stand every time and change the background of the phone.

- You will have the possibility to choose the colour of your animated border through 6 squares to select the colour you prefer for each small part of the border. In order not to have to re-select the colors every time, we have chosen a very special feature for you, the possibility to save each sequence directly in the application easily selectable with a click, so you don't have to recreate it every time.

- Thanks to the Notch menu you can perfectly adapt the animated border to your phone, to create a magnificent background. Future updates are planned to add a lot of features to this menu!

- We have also introduced the timer, which will allow you to decide the exact time when the animated border should be automatically activated and deactivated, without having to do it manually each time. You'll be able to choose certain days when it should be activated and days when it shouldn't.

- In the settings screen you can choose between different lighting effects, for a wider, non-repetitive experience. You can choose the background colour you prefer or add an image as you like! You can also choose to activate the border only on certain occasions by selecting the option you prefer.

Discover all the other features they have selected for you! We hope to offer you a pleasant and unique experience. After studying the needs and requests of a wide audience of people, we have chosen and developed options to satisfy everyone. Thank you for your attention and enjoy your stay at Styders!

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