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Corriere della Sera

发行商: RCS MediaGroup S.p.A.
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Introducing the new Corriere della Sera Digital Edition, the best newspaper app in Italy for tablets and smartphones.

The first Italian newspaper as of diffusion, prestige and history now in a brand new application, redesigned with a simple, fluid and effective interface.
Read your newspaper, the magazines, the local editions with a new set of tools and services: updates, multimedia contents and new features will help you in the reading of the newspaper.

A live app, with premium contents that are constantly updated by a dedicated editorial team that will provide you with the information necessary to understand the Italian and worldwide facts of the day.

The app combines the reading experience of traditional printed newspapers with cutting-edge digital features: for example, you will always find interesting content to read thanks to the integrated AI that suggests articles based on your reading behavior.

The app doesn't just focus on providing information from Italy: it also provides you with local news that are specific to Italian cities thanks to the 15 local newspaper editions, such as:
- Corriere Milan
- Corriere Rome
- Corriere Turin

Moreover, subscribers will benefit from exclusive information that is constantly updated by the editorial team, which includes the following sections:
- A press review of the most important articles of the day
- USA China
- Economic and political insights
- Flash news

- Read the preview of the newspaper from midnight (CET time zone)
- Read your newspaper from 3 am (CET time zone)
- Receive notifications from your favorite local newspaper edition
- Discover all the magazines and addons included in the subscription – La Lettura, Sette, Io Donna, Living, L'Economia, ViviMilano
- Save your favorite articles offline, or even the whole newspaper
- Use the integrated text-to-speech function in order to listen to your favorite articles
- Use the bookmark function to return to your previous reading session

Membership types:
- Monthly - € 10
- Annual - € 99.00


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