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The handiest way to be in sync with the world news, your favorite shows, sports events, and movies, in the palm of your hand. There is something in uMediaroom for everyone.

uMediaroom allows you to enjoy the most interesting, the funniest, and the most thrilling TV channels on your smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime.

With uMediaroom you can:
• enjoy over 80 awesome local and international TV channels
• watch programs from up to 2 days ago (catch up)
• create your very own list of channels
• set reminders for your favorite shows and programs

* Stable internet connection is required for the app to function properly.
** Internet charges may apply depending on your data plan. By the way, all Ucom mobile voice subscribers will not pay for consumed megabytes while watching uMediaroom Mobile TV.

Subscription terms:
To subscribe to one of the offered tariff plans, open the app and tap sign up, then tap Create Account. After you have successfully registered an account in the app, you will be able to make a purchase. You can upgrade/downgrade at any time.
Tariff plans purchased from the app will be charged to your Google Play Store account and will be renewed automatically within the last 24 hours of the subscription period, unless auto-renewal is canceled beforehand. To manage your subscriptions or cancel auto-renewal, go to your Play Store account settings, after making the purchase. A subscription canceled during the active subscription period will be active until the subscription period ends.
By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions:
Terms and Conditions:



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